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Hospital in doubt

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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DETERMINED: Betty Brown of the local historical society doesn’t want the old Cootamundra hospital to be knocked down.The contentious sale of the old Cootamundra hospital has hit a hurdle with an Aboriginal land claim overthe site lodged on June 29.
Nanjing Night Net

The claim was lodged by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and, if successful, would see title of the land transferred to the ALC.

This could be amajor spanner in the works for the Department of Primary Industries who are in the process ofselling the old hospital.

The department was notifiedof the claim on the day that it was lodged.

However, Landmark Harcourts agent Judy Boyd, who is responsible for the sale, says that she was only informed of the claim late on Wednesday, July 13.

It is unclear why there was a delay in notifying the agent and prospective buyers.

Mrs Boydsays shehas been instructed to proceed as normal with the sale when expressions of interest close at 2pm on Friday.

Betty Brown of the Cootamundra local historysociety has been concerned about thesale since early last year.

“I want it to be sold but saved,” she said “I don’t want to see it knocked down.”

Mrs Brown launched apetition seeking heritage listing of the old hospital, which has plenty of signatures but council was unwilling to support the proposal.

If the hospital received heritage listing it would make it much more difficult for the new owners to demolishthe building.

Currently, the hospital is protected under the Cootamundra Local Environment Plan, which requires council to give consent to the department for theland to be sold, a formality that has already occurred.

The plan also stops new owners from drastically changing the exterior of the building according to Ken Trethewey, general manager of the council.

However, buildings can be removed from the plan with relative ease so protection is not guaranteed.

The future of the hospital remains uncertain as the land claim is processed but its impacts are already being felt.

One prospective buyer that the Herald spoke to was adamant that they were no longer in the market for the land as a result of the claim.

As it standsthe sale is up in the airuntil the claim is processed.

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Memorial to great songwriter

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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ON the mid north coast of NSW, a memorial park seat now stands in honour of country songwriter Jim Wesley.
Nanjing Night Net

The memorial solutes his contribution to Australian Country Music and the many great songs he wrote. Among those were White Crosses in the Jungle, and Namitjira recorded by Slim Dusty.

At one time Jim was quoted to be one of Australia’s most prolific country song writers and went on to have more than 100 songs recorded.

His songs were recorded by many country artists, including Buddy Williams, Anne Kirkpatrick Rick and Thel Carey, Arthur and Jewel Blanch, Rex Dallas, Barry Thornton, Terry Gordon, Neville Bradley, Shorty Ranger and Pixie Jenkins.

American Margie Rayburn was another to record Jim’s songs.

Twenty-four kilometres north of Taree, the village of Coopernook, was Jim’s home for many years and it is there, beside the Lansdowne River, that the memorial seat stands. But it is the New England region that Jim’s story began.

Born in Glen Innes, Jim’s parents owned a farm 12 miles from town.

As a child in the 1930s, the Carter Family was his favourite recording artists, and in 1937 he won a school competition with his first poem.

By 1945 he had published a book of poems called My Australian Paradise.

It was Dame Mary Gilmore who advised him in the mid 1950s to try writing song lyrics and from then on Jim wrote lyrics in an endless stream for country artists.

After Jim, his wife Dorothy and five children, Sue, Andria, Steve, Michael and Nigel moved to Coopernook, they owned and operated the general store opposite the Coopernook Hotel for many years.

Jim and wife Dorothy moved to Laurieton in 1988 were he ran a second-hand business in the main street before retiring in 1995.

The Australian Encyclopaedia of Country Music would note that Jim was one of a handful of wordsmiths who were the backbone of country music in Australia.

Honours came in 2004 when Jim was inducted into Tamworth’s Hands of Fame and following his death in December 2009 at the age of 83, Jim was posthumously awarded The Song Maker Award by the Tamworth Song Writers Association at the 2010 Tamworth County Music festival.

The memorial at Coopernook was made possible thanks tothe support from the Australian Bush Balladeers Association and The Tamworth Song Writers Association, as well as family and friends.

Jim Wesley’s son and daughter-in-law, Michael and Gill Wesley, sit on the memorial seat by the banks of the Lansdowne River on the mid north coast near Coopernook.

The tribute to Jim Wesley.

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Noise trial for Cliff Rd

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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Work on the final link of Wollongong’s Blue Mile isn’t due to start until February, but Cliff Road residentswill this week get a taste of just how noisy the $10 million projectmight be during construction.
Nanjing Night Net

Starting on Sunday, Wollongong City Council has beguna week-long trial for the complex project, to test just how hard –and loud –the rock platforms between the Continental Pool and North Wollongong beach will be to excavate.

Trial run: Wollongong council’s infrastructure and works director Mike Hyde and project manager Justin Kennedy near the North Wollongong “tramway” path, where they will begin a noise trial on Sunday. Picture: Adam McLean

Infrastructure and works director MikeHyde said the council had decided to take the unusual step of doing a trial runin an effort to reduce the risk of a cost blow out when the project begins early next year.

The council’s draft plans for the walkway, known as the Tramway, are currently on exhibition, and include a wider shared path and new sea wall along the narrow, run downpedestrianstrip.

“This trialcosting us money to do, but we think it’s absolutely essential so that when we let the tenders for the Tramway job we know the constraints,” Mr Hyde said.

“And, for the people who have paid lots of money to live [on Cliff Road], we want to avoid undue noise while they’re trying to sleep.”

He said a council team would use machinery to test which excavation method would be most effective to dig out a 300 metre long, 1.5 metre wide trench at the eastern side of the existing path, next to the Gentlemen’s pool.

Monitors have been installed on some of the balconies lining the ocean-side street allowing the council measure the noise and vibrations.

Project manager Justin Kennedy said the rock was “very dense sandstone” and was expected to be difficult to excavate, so would be tested in three different places along the path.

“We’ll work out which equipment is the best for this job, and also the rate of excavation, which will determine how long the project might take,” Mr Kennedy said.

He said contractors may need to work extended hours –early in the morning or late at night –to make the most of low tides and ensure construction doesn’t take longer than necessary.The popular pathway will be completely closed during construction.

Council looks at CCTV

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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Action: Tatiara District Council will look into funding for a CCTV camera at Bordertown’s Virgo Park after hoons tore it up recently.Tatiara District Council will look into the possibility of applying for funding for CCTV cameras after recent incidents of vandalism.
Nanjing Night Net

Councillors heard at last week’s monthly meeting that one-off grants of up to $100,000 are available to help local councils improve safety, reduce crime and reduce fear of crime.

Councils will have to match CCTV grant funding dollar for dollar.

Cr Robert Mock said he would like the council to apply for funding for CCTV at Virgo Park, where he said there was a recent incident of “vehicles tearing it up”.

He added: “They’re about to get lights there and there’s quite a bit of community effort going into it.”

Cr Mark Murphy said a camera at Padthaway would also be appreciated.

“We’ve also had trouble with idiots in a car and one CCTV camera would fix that I think.”

This financial year, the CCTV grants program has moved from a fixed window for applications to an ongoing process – meaning there will be no cut-off date for applications.

The move is aimed at giving local councils more flexibility in their planning processes, while encouraging greater implementation of CCTV projects throughout the State.

In April, seven SAcouncils shared $450,000 in State Government funding to install CCTV cameras and other security measures as part of a plan to extend the state’s security network.

One of the regional areas to benefit was Mount Gambier, along with Ceduna and the Flinders Ranges.

Attorney-General John Rau said cameras installed in the CBD had helped reduce crime and increase conviction rates.

Last week’s council meeting also heard that round 3 of the Advanced Food Manufacturing Grants Program was now open.

PIRSA grants of up to $100,000 are available for projects that support the development of novel or innovative food products or processes.Preference would be given to projects focussing on the delivery of a functional or luxury food.

The item did not raise any discussion among councillors.

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Chill pill for prisoners

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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Magic pill: Associate Professors Barbara Meyer and Mitch Byrne will test whether omega-3 supplements can reduce aggression in prisons. Picture: Paul JonesCan a daily dose of omega-3 calm Australia’sprison population?
Nanjing Night Net

That’s what University of Wollongong researchers plan to test in a landmark study involving1000 inmates in six prisons in NSW and South Australia.

Among them will be the South Coast Correctional Centre at Nowra, where a pilot study has already been conducted –with some interesting findings.

‘’Prisoners were given either a fish oil tablet or a placebo, and we then took blood samples to measure their level ofomega-3fish oils,’’ lead researcher Barbara Meyer said.

‘’We found that prisoners with low levels of omega-3 had higher levels of aggressive behaviour, compared to those with higher levels of omega-3who had lower levels of aggression.’’

UOW has been awarded a $1.8 millionNational Health and Medical Research Council grant to expand the study toinclude a four-month trial atthe six facilities in 2017.

Associate Professor Meyer, from the School of Medicine, said omega-3 fatty acids –found in high concentrations in seafood –had a pivotal role in brain function.

‘’We know omega-3 increases the chemical messages within the brain which relate to how people act,’’ she said.

‘’If youthink of a fuse for a bomb, omega-3 can lengthen the aggression fuse.So if you have low omega-3 levels, the fuse is quite short and you’re quick toexplode and react.

‘’If you have high omega-3 levels then the fuse is longer which allows you to think, to consider all the options before you act.’’

At least 45 per cent of Australian prisoners are incarcerated for violent offences; while one third have been assaulted in prison.Should the study help reduce aggressive behaviour by 25 per cent, researchers expect to see an eight per cent reduction in inmate assaults.

Associate Professor Mitch Byrne, from the School of Psychology, has been closely involved with the project.

“Given about 46 per cent of Australian prisoners have mental health disorders, impulsivity and aggressive behaviour within correctional centres is of high concern, both to individual offenders and custodial authorities.’’

The study will receivefunding and supportfrom theNSW and SAcorrective services departments.

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Dale light

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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Former Carlton player Frazer Dale is set to spend the rest of the season with his home club Myrtleford.
Nanjing Night Net

MYRTLEFORD’S finals hopes have received a boost with Frazer Dale cleared by Footscray to spend the rest of the season with the Saints.

The decision by the Bulldogsmeans Dalewill comfortably reach the nine matches required by players on VFL lists to qualify for Ovens and Murray finals provided he gets through the last five games uninjured.

Dale has already played six matches for his home club this season but the nine-match qualification rule means his Footscray and Myrtleford teammate Hugh Wales faces a fight to play finals with the Saints.

Wales, who has played four matches for Myrtleford,remains in the mix to play finals with the Bulldogs despite not having lined up in the VFL at all this season.

Wales returned from almost three months on the sidelines with stress fractures in his foot against Albury last round and the Saints will be desperately hoping his injury-interrupted season plays in their favour at Footscray’s selection table.

Dale, who broke his leg and cracked two ribs when he was kicked by a horse in Augustlast year, said he still had aspirations to play in the VFL but was thrilled to be spending the rest of the season with Myrtleford.

“I missed a fair chunk of pre-season and have had a few hamstring and groin niggles following on from the injury last year,” the former Carlton player said.

“It’s been an injury-hit season and I haven’t really got a good run at it.

“They just said I was better off spending the rest of the season at Myrtleford to get some form and confidence and come back for pre-season ready to go.They they still want me to come to training and do everything normally as if I’mon their list and playing for them.

“VFL is still something I want to do, especially coming back from this knee injury, it’s been a pretty long road…there was a lot of time spent in the rehab group.

“It’s a win-win situation because I’m happy to play at home with how we’re going.

“I’m really looking forward to these last five or sixgames,each game I’ve played with Myrtleford I’ve felt better.”

The Saints are fifth on the ladder, six points clear of Wangaratta, and face a big match at Lavington on Saturday.

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Bulga mine modifications

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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A proposal by Bulga Coal Management Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Glencore, for modifications to the Bulga coal mine will be on exhibition from today for community consultation.
Nanjing Night Net

The Department of Planning and Environment is keen to hear the community’s views on the proposal which seeks to:

·re-design the mine’s eastern mining waste area

·dispose of coal processing wastes within the main mining pit instead of underground

The mine is located approximately 12 kilometres southwest of Singleton. The proposed works are to the east of the mine, away from the town of Bulga.

A spokesperson for the Department of Planning and Environment said the local community always has an opportunity to share their views.

“Community consultation is an integral part of the planning process and the applicant will have to respond to the feedback we receive,” the spokesperson said.

“This feedback is taken into consideration as part of the assessment.

“It’s easy to participate by going online and we encourage everyone to take a look and have their say.”

To make a submission or view the statement of environmental effects (SEE), visit梧桐夜网majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov419论坛.

Submissions can be made from Wednesday 13 July until Wednesday 27 July, 2016.

Written submissions can also be made to:

Department of Planning and Environment

Attn: Director – Resource Assessments

GPO Box 39

Sydney NSW 2001

The application and EIS are also available to view in person at:

·Department of Planning and Environment, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney

·Singleton Council, Administration Centre, corner of Queen Street and Civic Avenue, Singleton

·Nature Conservation Council, 14/338 Pitt Street, Sydney

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CMFNL – Blues to up intensity

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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CHALLENGE. Kerang co-coach, Troy Coates will look to dominate proceedings in the Blues’ forward line tomorrow against Tooleybuc/Manangatang.
Nanjing Night Net

KERANG will look to keep the pressure on Central Murray Football Netball League leaders, Nyah-Nyah West United with a win tomorrow against fellow top five side, Tooleybuc/Manangatang.

In a key game for both sides, the Blues can remain equal with the Demons with wins if the club’s 10th victory of the season occurs tomorrow, whilst the Saints need to win to prevent Woorinen from overtaking the side in the battle for fifth spot.

The Blues – who observed the second of its byes last weekend – will go into the match as favourites after defeating the Saints by 66 points back in round two.

The four-time reigning premiers recorded a 92-point win against Tyntynder when they last played 13 days ago, whilst the Saints held off a gallant Balranald last weekend to win by 29 points.

The highlight of this match will be the ruck duel between Kerang’s Troy Davis and Saints stalwart, Ryan O’Sullivan.

This pair will aim to get the ball to their respective key midfielders – Ryan Gillingham (Kerang) and Nyaburu Kelly (Tooleybuc/Manangatang) – to set up goalkicking opportunities.

Stephen Lyons will be prolific in the visitors’ forward line, but faces the challenge of taking on Mark Walter – who missed the Blues’ win against the Bulldogs in round 11.

Yet if the Saints are to replicate their win at Riverside Park in round nine last year, Gareth Grant Kayne McAlpine and James Summerhayes will need to shut down Kerang’s multiple goalkicking options, led by Troy Coates, Luke Cotchett and Troy Thamm.

PREDICTION: Kerang will win by 40 points.

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CMFNL – Challenging finish begins

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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FENDING OFF: Shaun McIvor and his Cohuna Kangas teammates can keep their finals chances open tomorrow with a win at Woorinen.THE Cohuna Kangas’ challenging final third of the Central Murray Football Netball League season begins tomorrow with a trip to finals aspirant, Woorinen.
Nanjing Night Net

Last weekend’s 91-point win moved the Kangas to four wins this year – the same number of victories the club recorded last season – but the side will need to win its next five games and hope results fall the club’s way to make a surprise finals appearance.

Woorinen’s 50-point win against the Mallee Eagles last weekend kept the team one win outside the top five, but last season’s semi-finalists can move to fifth if Tooleybuc/Manangatang loses to Kerang tomorrow.

The Tigers will give plenty of attention to Harrison Keely, who kicked nine goals in the Kangas’ win six days ago, with Zachary Keane to go to the youngster.

Rick Easton and Dylan Friedberger will be able to provide assistance for Keely, but will also need to negate Kyle Steicke and Jake Butler.

Kaleb O’Flaherty will be asked to stop key Woorinen forward, Aaron Cadd from hitting the scoreboard, whilst Doug Palmer could cause concerns for fellow Kangas defender, Damian Kefford.

Ben Archard (Cohuna Kangas) and Alex Kirby (Woorinen) will be pivotal in the ruck for both sides, but despite having the experience of Rhys Bradley and the speed of Marcus Rogers, the Tigers’ playmakers, led by Jason and Matthew Iannucci, will be too strong.

It has been more than two years since the Kangas have won at the Woorinen Recreation Reserve, with the Tigers winning their past two matches against the competition’s southernmost side – including a 10-point victory in round two.

PREDICTION: Woorinen will win by 30 points.

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Looking back 25, 50 years

Posted by admin on 18/07/2018
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EARLY DAYS: This photo is taken in about 1906 from in front of the Railway Station looking north down Baylis Street.There are two hotels at the corner of Baylis and Edward streets. On the right is the Wagga Hotel which was owned by the Juppenlatz family for a long time from the late 1890s and on the left is the Carrington Hotel which was owned by Annie Mary Devlin and licensed to John FW Gancer.Compiled from The Daily Advertiserby the Wagga Wagga & District Historical Society25 YEARS AGO
Nanjing Night Net

Wagga City Council Finance Committee recommended that council continue negotiations about a proposal that it take over responsibility for the city’s airport.Airline operator Don Kendell said he is prepared to operate Wagga Airport if the city council is not.

Outgoing president, Graham Russell, handed over the Wagga Rotary Club Charter to incoming president, Tony Dominguez, at the club’s annual Changeover Dinner.

Arleen Jarick was elected unopposed as Commodore of the Wagga Boat Club and is the first woman to hold the position.

Ald Jim Eldridge wants council to lease the Golden Square Car Park for $1 per annum in return for maintaining the controversial facility.

Scout leader, Graeme Willis, helped by Scouts and helpers filled 450 bags of sheep manure as part of their fundraising activities.

Long serving Daily Advertiser engineer, Lyle Goldspink, has retired after 44 years’ service.

Wagga City Councils Planning Committee again recommended approval for relocation of the main Post Office from Fitzmaurice Street to Best Place in Morrow Street.

Ald Colin Rush called for the upgrading of the unofficial Gumly levee bank.

Local Police Youth Officer, ConstablePeter Willot, is managing a Police Youth Support Group.


Two people were killed when a car collided with an express goods train at Wagga’s Edward Street level crossing.

Wagga High School Rugby League captain Barry Taylor is pictured with principal Mr W C Atkinson and coach Bob Wallace after the team won the Scott Shield 17-7 from Christian Brothers.

Admission charges for the City Baths will remain at 10 cents for adults and 5 cents for children for the coming season.

Apprentice plumber, John Stuart has won the state-wide gold medal award for the highest pass in stage threeof the plumber’s trade course.

RVN-2 televised excerpts from the recent Wagga High School production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers.

Show Society secretary, Bill Lampe announced that a “human cannonball” will be a feature of this year’s Wagga Show.

Southern Riverina Council approved plans for a new administrative headquarters in Johnston Street.

Council is investigating the “re-opening” of North Wagga.

What’s onSunday, July 17 at 7am:Wagga Swap Meet, Wagga Showgrounds.

Sunday, July 17 at10.30am:Historic Engine Club Museum, Baden Powell Drive opens today.

Monday, July 18 at7.30pm:Wagga Wagga & District Historical Society Meeting, Museum of the Riverina, Botanic Gardens. Peter Gissing speaks about his grandfather, Harry Gissing. Phone 6922 3614.

Tuesday, July 19 at5pm:Monthly Meeting Wagga Rail Heritage Association at Wagga Railway Station.

Wednesday, July 20 at7.30pm:Wagga & District Family History Society, 24 Tarakan Avenue. Samantha Leah on “what historians learn from cemeteries and gravestones”. Phone 6925 0319.

Contact Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society at 梧桐夜网wwdhs.org419论坛 or on Facebook at wagga.history.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.